Webster, a Democrat, courts GOP voters in 62nd House race

"She has received strong support from her own party while canvassing 8,000 households door-to-door, as well as support from Independents and some Republicans. Primarily, she said, the response to seeing her on the doorstep is surprise. She asserts that most constituents of the district have never laid eyes on Simanski in his eight years in office.


Amanda Webster Clear Victor in 62nd District Debate

Granby CT, September 26th: On a rainy autumn night, residents of the 62nd district gathered at Granby Memorial High School to listen to a robust debate of ideas and visions for both the district and for the state of Connecticut between William Simanski and Amanda Webster. The debate was a unique format as it was student moderated by Granby Social Studies teacher Michael Dombrowski’s honors civics class. Questions ranged from the economy and taxes, to gun safety and transportation.


Webster Campaign Continues to Rack up Endorsements

The Amanda Webster, New for 62 Campaign is proud to announce that Amanda Webster has earned the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers. The AFT is a nation-wide union of professionals that champions fairness, democracy, economic opportunity, and high-quality public education and healthcare for their students and communities. Their members include teachers, para-professionals, higher education facility, and healthcare workers.


Opening of Granby Campaign Headquarters

When I became the first Democrat to run for this office in nearly a decade, I did so not for myself, but to show that there are no red districts or blue districts, but rather communities that are filled with those who need a voice and deserve someone who will fight for them.


A Great Community Day of Action

Along the banks of the Farmington River in New Hartford, Democratic Candidate for the 62nd House District Amanda Webster, hosted a highly successful Community Day of Action on Saturday. Friends and supporters gathered to hear House Majority Leader Matt Ritter speak about why he knows Amanda will be an incredible representative of the 62nd district. Also, in attendance to support Amanda were Attorney General candidate William Tong’s wife Elizabeth and Treasure Candidate Shawn Wooden.

During lunch, everyone was treated to a surprise guest, Ned Lamont, Democratic candidate for Governor. Lamont spoke very passionately in support of Amanda and answered questions about both his and Amanda’s plans for the future of Connecticut.

Amidst all the excitement, volunteers took to the phones to make hundreds of calls in support of Amanda and her amazing campaign. Others took to the streets to have important and impactful discussions at the doors about what issues are most significant to New Hartford voters. The momentum of this amazing campaign continues to gather strength as Amanda reaches out to voters in every town in her district.


Donuts and Doors with Special Guest Congressman John Larson

Democratic candidate for the 62nd District Amanda Webster’s “Donuts and Doors” event at Ahrens Park was a wonderful success. On a cloudy Saturday morning, friends and supporters came out to drink coffee, eat donuts, and rally with their choice for future representative. They were then treated to Congressman John Larson speak about why he knows Amanda will be an incredible legislator and answer audience questions about the issues here at home and in Washington.


Amanda featured in Hartford Courant

We are excited to see Amanda featured in the Hartford Courant today alongside other women looking to bring equal representation to our state's politics.



Amanda Webster responds to the NRA

The NRA sent a questionaire demanding Amanda's response to their political agenda. Given the NRA puts profits before the lives of our people, here is Amanda's reply.


Amanda attends Memorial Day service in New Hartford

“The flag does not fly because of the wind that blows it. The flag flies because each soldier’s last breath blows by it.”

Amanda spent this somber morning at a ceremony in New Hartford, followed by ringing the memorial bell in honor of all who gave so much. Thank you to all who put together such a beautiful event.


Amanda Webster nominated as Democratic Candidate for State Representative, joined by Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman

The Democratic Convention for the 62nd State House of Representatives was held at Holcomb Farm Wednesday evening. Democratic delegates from Granby, New Hartford, Barkhamsted and Hartland came together to unanimously nominate Amanda Webster. The convention was joined by Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman, and Arunan Arulampalam, candidate for State Treasurer.

Delegates nominated and seconded Ms. Webster’s candidacy, and gave brief speeches of their strong support


Amanda Webster Slate Wins Granby Democratic Caucus

Granby: Thank you! I am honored that the Amanda Webster Slate won tonight. It is your commitment, support, and passion that has taken us this far. We saw an unprecedented amount of Democrats at the caucus tonight. We all showed up, ready to make our voices heard. Make no mistake, that is what changes lives, policy, and the future.

We're going to flip this district blue! #NewFor62


March For Our Lives

While at Emerge Connecticut training in Hartford, Amanda Webster headed to the Capitol to join the March For Our Lives. She met up with 62nd district friends, the Attorney General, and amazing students who are making their voices heard. #Enough #changeiscoming


CPTV/PBS Documentary Announcement!

Amanda Webster is thrilled to announce that she will be on a documentary series for CPTV/PBS! It's an honor to be part of this project and work with their incredible team and producers, while highlighting the real work of this campaign.


Granby Democratic Forum

Amanda Webster attended the Granby Democratic Forum on March 20th. It was a great opportunity to talk about the issues important to Democrats, the momentum of this campaign, and to unite Democrats for November!



I stood proudly behind Connecticut's Senators, Congressional members, survivors, and activists yesterday morning as they called for our state's responsible gun laws to set the example for our nation.


Amanda Webster is on the COVER of TIME Magazine!

"I am elated to share that I am featured on the cover of TIME! I am inspired by the women who are with me on this journey and am grateful for this once in a lifetime experience!"


Amanda Webster Earns 3rd Endorsement

"The American Women’s Party is pleased to announce our endorsement of Amanda Webster for State Representative of District 62 in Connecticut."


Amanda Featured in CT Mirror

"As one of the first candidates to file for the House, Webster is in the vanguard of what Democratic activists say is a gathering movement of women exploring campaigns for the General Assembly, where men hold more than 70 percent of the seats."


Amanda Webster First in CT to Meet Qualifications for CEP

"I am thrilled to announce that we have exceeded the requirements for the Citizens' Election Program as of this weekend, making me the first candidate in Connecticut to qualify for the 2018 elections! To all those who volunteered and donated, thank you! This campaign is truly about all of us, not just me.

The wonderful supporters of the 62nd District contributed more than $5,000, a total that was given by over 150+ hard-working Granby, New Hartford, Barkhamsted, and Hartland residents. Qualifying for the Citizens Election Program, means my campaign is funded by real people - not special interests. With this powerful show of support from the people in the 62nd District, I have great hope for the future of our campaign and am confident in our ability to flip this seat. As I tell my sons, 'together we can do brave and big things.'

Thank You,"

-Amanda Webster


Amanda Webster Earns 2nd Endorsement

The Connecticut Women's Political Revolution has endorsed Amanda Webster in her run for the 62nd District Seat. Connecticut Women's Political Revolution is a grassroots circle of women who run for office, support women that run for office, and push for legislation that protects and expands women's rights.


Amanda is featured in Video & Article

Amanda was one of 33 nation-wide candidates interviewed by Read the article and watch the video to see Amanda's drive and commitment.


Amanda Webster Earns Endorsement

"Of the endorsement Amanda stated: "I am proud to represent a new wave of young progressives, who are not only engaged and concerned, but taking tangible action by running for local office. I view my perspective as a millennial and parent to be an asset; as I embody a majority of women that has only minority representation."


Political & Proud

"It is because of my children that I am here tonight, that I am running for office, and that I am working to make a difference. I want my children to know that we as women can achieve our goals and that we can balance work and family just as well as any man."


Amanda Responds to Charlottesville by Hosting Peace Vigil

On Sunday evening Amanda Webster, and fellow advocate Elliot Altomare, hosted a peace Vigil in Granby Center in response to the darkness in Charlottesville, Virginia. About 50 members of the local community came together to light candles and send a message of hope. Ginny McDaniel, pastor at First Congregational Church led an inter-faith prayer. Amanda's brief speech was concluded with her stating "We must come together against racial injustice and meet hate with overwhelming love and community."


Amanda Webster announces her run for the 62nd District seat in the CT State Legislature

"It is surreal at times to be writing these letters as a candidate; however, as Barack Obama said: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change we seek.” I am proud to be a wife, a mother to two young boys, and a champion for our community and it is these roles that drive me to take my advocacy to the next level – that of state leadership."